Biscuit Sandwiching Machines

Packaging machines

  • Packing machine

    Biscuit on edge packaging machine from China

    Equipped with 2 feeders(magazines) which can cross biscuit production line,this machine is for biscuit slug pack.

  • Packing machine

    Biscuit on edge packing machine

    Biscuit slug packing machine,also called packing biscuit on edge(without tray),could be connected to biscuit sandwiching machine to count biscuits quantity per bag.

  • Packing machine

    Biscuit on pile packing machine

    Biscuit on pile packing machine,biscuit pile pack packaging machine,

    Could be connected to any flow wrapping machine to count biscuit pile quantity.


  • Packing machine

    Box gluing machine

    Cheapest machine to glue the box.It is compact,flexible,easy to operate and endurable.

  • Packing machine

    Family pack packing machine FT6000S

    Family pack packing machine,secondary pack packaging machine,multipack packing machine,multipack biscuit packaging machine

    Suitable for packing many pcs of products into a bag aslo including pre-packed products.

  • Packing machine

    Hot glue box sealing machine

    For 2-flap box,can fold 2 flaps,spray glue and stick.

  • Packing machine

    Servo control biscuit packaging machine FT530S

    Fully controlled by servo,with stronger and heavier structure,running with little noize. More endurable and efficient.


  • Packing machine

    Servo motor biscuit packing machine FT380S

    Can pack 1 pile biscuits at 300 packs/min,reaches 250 packs/mim for 2-pile biscuits.

    Flow wrapping machine,biscuit packing machine,wafer packing machine,bread packing  machine,cookie packing machine

  • Packing machine

    Vertical packing machine

    Suitable for packing granule,block and strip material with good fluidity ,such as as green been ,peanut,quick-frozen dumpling,biscuits.

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