Packing machines

Foodtree Machinery mainly produces 2 kinds of packing machine, horizontal packing machines  and vertical packing machines.

Horizontal packing machine is for packing regular-shape product mostly, such as bread,cake,custard,tissue,hardware,cutlery,toy. Horizontal wrapping machine has 2 types, one is the film top-loaded,the other is is film down-loaded. The fomrer is more widely used.Down-loaded film packing machine is for irregular shape products or the proudct has many small pieces inside.

Vertical packing machine is to pack powder,granular,many pcs into a bag according to set weight.Due to product feature and budget limit,volumetric cup and digital scale are available.

Classfied by biscuits industry,we have biscuit on edga packing machine and biscuit on pile packing machine.X fold packing machine is included in biscuit on edge packing machine.

How to choose packing machine

  • Tha packed product name,product feature,bag size and speed request
  •  Specail technical request
  • Packing machine

    Biscuit on edge packaging machine from China

    Equipped with 2 feeders(magazines) which can cross biscuit production line,this machine is for biscuit slug pack.

  • Packing machine

    Biscuit on edge packing machine

    Biscuit slug packing machine,also called packing biscuit on edge(without tray),could be connected to biscuit sandwiching machine to count biscuits quantity per bag.

  • Packing machine

    Biscuit on pile packing machine

    Biscuit on pile packing machine,biscuit pile pack packaging machine,

    Could be connected to any flow wrapping machine to count biscuit pile quantity.


  • Packing machine

    Family pack packing machine FT6000S

    Family pack packing machine,secondary pack packaging machine,multipack packing machine,multipack biscuit packaging machine

    Suitable for packing many pcs of products into a bag aslo including pre-packed products.

  • Packing machine

    Same as Soontrue inverter packing machine ZW100E ZW320E

    Common motor with 2 inverters,this packing machine has been in China market for more than 20 years. More mechanic parts with strong structure,stable and more endurable.

  • Packing machine

    Servo control biscuit packaging machine FT530S

    Fully controlled by servo,with stronger and heavier structure,running with little noize. More endurable and efficient.


  • Packing machine

    Servo motor biscuit packing machine FT380S

    Can pack 1 pile biscuits at 300 packs/min,reaches 250 packs/mim for 2-pile biscuits.

  • Packing machine

    Vertical packing machine

    Suitable for packing granule,block and strip material with good fluidity ,such as as green been ,peanut,quick-frozen dumpling,biscuits.

  • Packing machine

    X fold biscuit packing machine

    X-fold type makes the biscuit pack tidy and compact.Machine with mature mechanic configuration,stable and less malfunction.

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