Same as Soontrue inverter packing machine ZW100E ZW320E

Common motor with 2 inverters,this packing machine has been in China market for more than 20 years. More mechanic parts with strong structure,stable and more endurable.

Same as Soontrue inverter packing machine ZW100E ZW320E

We can supply all parts at reasonable price for Soontrue old model,ZW100E,300E,320E,420E,520E etc.

◆Double frequency conversion structure, simplified mechanic structure, easy to maintain, less vibration, less wear and “long life”.

◆The main control circuit takes the single chip developed by our own company, digital screen display and controlled by transducer. It’s with the excellent interface between operator and machine integrated, direct and convenient operation.

◆The capacity and the length of bag are controlled by the double frequency converter control with step-less speed shift and wide adjustment. It can match well with the former working procedure of production line.

◆Highly sensitive respond optical-eye device can follow automatically and accurately. It is not necessary to adjust manually after setting.

◆Independent temperature control for each sealer to make the beautiful and tight sealing and suitable for a wide variety of flexible packing materials.

Parameters ZW100E ZW300E ZW320E/ET ZW420E
Packing scope

(Finished bag size)













Flim width 80-200mm 80-300mm 80-380mm 35-400mm
Capcity 30-230packs/min 30-180packs/min 30-180packs/min 15-90packs/min
Total power 4.2Kw 5.2Kw 5.2Kw 5.2Kw
Power supply 220V1P50HZ 220V1P50HZ 220V1P50HZ 220V1P50HZ
Net wieght 500Kg 540Kg 580Kg 620Kg
Outer dimension 4000*920*1500mm 4200*920*1500mm 4400*920*1500mm 4500*920*1700mm



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