Biscuit on pile packing machine

Biscuit on pile packing machine,biscuit pile pack packaging machine,

Could be connected to any flow wrapping machine to count biscuit pile quantity.


Biscuit on pile packing machine

This biscuit  pile machine can be connected to any packing machine as long as we know packing machine’s transimission ratio.The operator only needs sto set biscuit thickness and biscuit quantity via touch screen since the machine can track packing machine’s speed to accompish snychronization.

Compared with step-down pusher onto packing machine, pile machine will reduce the damage of biscuits .Moreover,

it is faster in conveying biscuits to improve packing speed.

If you are trying to pack choclate coated biscuits into 2 or 3 piles, this  biscuit pile machine is the bset option.

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