2 lanes Biscuit cream sandwiching machine

Can make single color,double color/flavor,3+2 sandwiched biscuits.

2 lanes Biscuit cream sandwiching machine

(This machine can make all types below)

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  • This biscuit sandwiching machine can make single color,double color,3+2 sandwiched biscuits.
  • This model  has been recommended most as it can fulfill all sandwiching requests.
  • After connected to servo-controlled packing machine,it can reach 250packs/minute for 2 layers*2piles.
  • More endurable,simple to operate,easy to clean,less malfunction.
  • Remote-control via computer service is available to sovle customer’s problem.
  • Both belt feeder and vibrator feeder cross biscuit line at different angle are available.
Model No JH-DLC
Capacity 100-1000pcs/min
Biscuit Size Round:Dia35-65,H4-7mm

Rectangle: L 35-70mm,W 35-55mm,H 4-7mm

Biscuit layer type 1 or 2 layers*1pile   1 or 2 layers*2piles

1 or 2layers*3piles  1 or 2layers*4piles

Cream Disposition By pump
Total Power 5Kw
Power supply 220V1P50Hz
Outer dimension L4500*W700*H1500mm
Net weight 1000Kg

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