We manufacture hard,soft biscuit production line,cracker production line and complete set of cookie making machines.According to  different capacity request, we produce  0.8m,1m,1.2m and 1.5m wide biscuit line.

How to choose biscuit production line?

According to Foodtree years’ experience, most of new boss for biscuits start with a soft biscuit production line at capacity 200-300Kg/hour,which exactly meets their budget request. Besides,as soft biscuit is low in cost, with affordable price,will be attracted by consumers easily.

However,for a mature biscuit company,they probably need a biscuit production line can make versatile products and most important,hugh capacity  at  1000-1200KG/hour.These biscuit compaines used Europe biscuit production lines at begining,then turn to China made biscuit line later.

Further more, as a biscuit line manufacturer,Foodtree Machinery also can provide solution for the biscuit factory who wanna add extra features to the existing biscuit production line. Widely seen example is that some biscuit factory needs to produce hard biscuits or crackers on soft biscuit line. In such case,we can add our laminators to  do the job.

What information needed for a biscuit production line quotation?

  • What kind biscuits should be prouduced? Biscuit photos are preferred.
  • What is the oven needed? gas,electricity or hybrid? 
  • Correct workshop layout and clarify whether there is second floor or any platform.
  • Are biscuit sandwiching  machine,packing machine or packing automation are needed? If yes,we can quote together and give a  new layout.

More info about biscuit production line

Dough mixer

Dough transportor

Biscuit forming(before oven)


After oven

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