Our Company

Foodtree Machinery Co.,Ltd, based in Foshan,Guangdong,focuses on designing and manufacturing of biscuit production line,biscuit sandwiching machines, packing machine and automatic packing line since 2007. Its headquarter Wenva industry Co.,Ltd, founded in 1986,espacialized in biscuit production line,has been honored with good reputation and high sales record in China.

Workers who have been in Foodtree for 20+ years

We have more than 300 staff,with the same goal,acheive about USD 1 billion sales every year.Almost 80% of employess have been working here for over 10 years.Foodtree believes Human makes everything possible. With our profession,enthusiasm,good service,even you start biscuit production from scratch,then choose us. We are here at your service around the clock.

We have different cost solution for customers.For exmaple we have mini-size biscuit poduction line, cookie making machine,With limited investment,you could try your business at biscuits. Meanwhile,we have made all machines at Europe style also,it absolutely changes your view of China-made machines.

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