What is biscuit sandwiching machine?

Biscuit sandwiching machine is  mainly to make 2 dry biscuits ,in other words,one biscuit on top and the other  on bottom with face down, stick together by cream or jam.  Cream could be one flavor or 2 flavors in half each. Or 2 layers of cream sandwiched between 3 biscuits.  It is rarely seen  that  3 biscuit sandwiched with 4  kinds of cream.

With biscuit sandwiching machine, biscuits will have new taste,which are preferred by consumers who particullarly like sweet. Needless to say,biscuit factory can imporve biscuit producer sales by marketing sandwiched biscuits


How to choose biscuit sandwiching machine?

As a biscuit company,if it is the first time  to purchase biscuit sandwiching machine,you have better check the best selling sandwiched biscuits in your market. Tell us your biscuit line capacity,cream type,space in your workshop.

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