Biscuit on edge packing machine

Biscuit slug packing machine,also called packing biscuit on edge(without tray),could be connected to biscuit sandwiching machine to count biscuits quantity per bag.

Biscuit on edge packing machine FTZ360

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biscuit on edge packing machine,biscuit on edge packaging machine

Adopted by Japanese servo control technology and complete Japanese electrical elements,
this machine has reached world advanced level. It is very suitable for packaging several
pieces of biscuits on edge without tray. Biscuits of square, round, oval shapes are all

Model No FTZ360
Capacity 30 – 120 packs/min
Product size limits





Power consumption 8.2kw, three-phase 380V, 50Hz
Size of main machine L4,600 x W1,260mm
Net weight 1,500kg

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