How to select the most suitable biscuit sandwiching machine

For most biscuit factories,biscuit sandwiching machine plays an important role.Almost every biscuit factory needs biscuit sandwiching machine.

Generally speaking,according to biscuit producer’s capacity, at least 2 sets of biscuit sandwiching machine are requested.

If you are running 1*1  1*2  1*3  1*4 ,we suggest JH-AL as th e best model.While you are running 2*1  2*2   2*3   2*4 type,we recommend JH-DLC.

As far as we know,most biscuit manufactures  pack single layor and double layor sandwiched biscuits,JH-DLC is undoubtly the most suitable biscuit sandwiching machine. After our new modificaiton to JH-DLC,this machine can sandwich 3+2 biscuits also. It definitely varies your biscuit type.

As JH-DLC ‘s capacity is 1000 pcs/min, we choose servo motor packing machine  FT380S as its parterner. With two machine’s perfect cooperation,finished package for 2*2 can reach 250packs/min.

If you are interested in knowing more about the machine,feel free to contact us via [email protected]

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