Biscuit Feeder

3  types of biscuit feeder to make your worker put biscuits more efficiently

There are 3 types of biscuit feeder.

1. S/S  feeder without any drive

This feeder is the cheapest.However,the biscuits should be pushed forward by the worker.

It also can be made to  steep angle and long,then the biscuits could be loaded more

and slip faster.

2. Vibrator feeder

The biscuits on this feeder are moved forward

via vibrator. Biscuit run smoothly without extra

help but it causes some noize. One vibraotr can

support 2 or 3 feeders just like the photo and

video shown below.


3.Belt feeder

This belt feeder can track any packing

machine’s speed to adjust its own

automatiaclly to accomplish snyc.The worker only

needs toinput biscuits thickness to the touch screen.

It is the most convenient biscuit feeder.







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